Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tiff Image Exploit On PSP's v2.00 to v2.80

- PSP Updates covered this pretty well, so I'll just let them tell you how it is:

"Today hundreds of PSP's will say hello to the world as they run their first piece of homebrew - the "Hello World" application. This will be made possible by a new exploit found that does not require one to own a copy of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, but rather load a simple image off of your memory stick. This remarkable demonstration can be executed on 2.0, 2.01, 2.50, 2.60, 2.70, 2.71, and 2.80 firmwares!

If you are stumbling while reading this sentence, I wouldn’t be surprised. I just told you that you are now able to execute a homebrew application on 2.0-2.80 firmware. Now that you know it is possible, you are probably wondering how. With the combined effort of several dedicated users – NOPx86 (provided the original x86 proof of concept), psp250, skylark, joek2100, jimp, cswindle and Fanjita, they have managed to execute the first piece of homebrew on all firmwares above (and including) 2.0!

Less than a week ago, Fanjita dropped by our forums to tell us that a newly discovered exploit is indeed genuine and a usable exploit. This “exploit” started off as a discovery by NOPx86 in libtiff. He managed to find vulnerability and as a result – alter it to crash the PSP and many other image viewers. Fanjita, NOPx86 and the rest of this exploit team have put their hearts and souls into this exploit, and as a result they were able to execute a Hello World application on all PSP’s with the ability to view tiff files (2.0+). This application runs in "User Mode", but kernel mode will be achievable on all firmwares except 2.80.

To execute this “Hello World” application on your 2.0+ PSP, please follow the following directions -

1. Unpack the ZIP file to your PSP's PHOTO folder
2. Navigate to your PSP's PHOTO director and attempt to view the newly transferred picture

Note: You may find that the screen does not show correct (occasionally happens) - just restart your PSP (fully shutoff by holding the power button up) and open the picture again."

MGS:PO Pre-order Bonus

- Pre-order the new Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops game from the major game retailers in the US and get a free, hard shell, MGS themed, PSP carry case.
- Here is the EB Games link.

GPS And Camera Price And Date

- PSP Updates lets us know that the GPS and camera addons for the PSP are now priced and dated.
- December 7th in Japan, the camera is priced at 5,000¥ (approx. $44) and the GPS is 6,000¥ (approx. $54).
- Both are to be showcased at the Tokyo Game Show on September 22nd.
- More pics of the GPS addon.

New PSP Bundle

- September 20th in the US you can get your hands on the new Sony PSP Entertainment Pack.
- This new bundle costs $250 and includes:

- Sony PSP
- Memory Stick Pro Duo - 1GB
- Game/Music/Movie video Sampler Disc
- ATV Offroad Fury: Blazin' Trails
- Lords of Dogtown UMD Movie

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mod Memory Stick Pro Duo To Memory Stick Pro

- wikiHow has put up a (risky, but simple) guide to modding a MS PRo Duo to fit in card readers that only take MS Pro's.
- A bit of tape and a paperclip and you are done. Just be careful, you are on your own with this one.

N64 Emulator, Daedalus R8, Released

- PSP Updates tells us another version of Daedalus has been released, bringing us to R8.
- More speed optimizations and a bug fix for the controls make this the best version yet. While not full speed, Mario 64 is apparently more then playable.

Camera And GPS Addons, Plus Pink PSP

- Check out a new pic of the GPS addon for the PSP. Engadget has it.
- Still no details on price, availability or functionality though...
- PSP Updates has the Camera attached to the new Pink PSP too.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

ISO Loader For v2.60/TA-082 Soon?

- PSP Updates have been contacted by 0okm. He is developing an ISO loader for v2.60 PSP's which means those with TA-082 boards in their handheld, (who can't downgrade,) will soon be able to launch ISOs.
- Piracy is a bad thing people, but this is a big step towards homebrew, which is cool.

N64 Emulator Video

- Check out the R7 version of Daedalus, the N64 emulator ported to PSP.
- The R8 version is supposedly coming soon with even more speed improvements.

Upgraded PSP Coming March 07?

- PSP Updates has scans from (unofficial) PlayStation Magazine"

"Is this the reason why Target pulled the plug on UMD movies? Is this why there hasn't been any price drop for the PSP? si1enc3ed from the QJ forums has posted magazine scans from PlayStation Magazine (not the official one though) with details of how Sony's plans on making "PSP 2." The scans are rather poor and it was hard to decipher what's written, so to spare you the trouble (and save your eyesight), here's the introduction to the whole of the article. Thanks to milkman for the tip!

Rather than follow the traditional five-to-six-year product cycle of videogame consoles, Sony is expected to introduce an upgraded version of the PlayStation Portable in Japan before the end of March 2007. It will not be the "PSP 2" however, as Sony is instead eyeing a page(?) from Apple's iPod strategy and upgrading the existing PSP's specifications while keeping the retail price the same. It is also expected that, as Apple does with its generational iPod rollouts(?) the current PSP configuration will be discontinued when the new model goes on sale.

Sales of the handheld continues to be strong more than a year and a half after it was released in the U.S. It is believed that a combination of strong sales and plans for an enhanced version of the system is what has prevented Sony from dropping the price of the current PSP hardware itself. Instead, it introduced the PSP core pack earlier this year which offered a lower-priced alternative at the expense of previously bundled accessories.

The article in the scans goes into more detail of what changes are going to happen (The features they listed so far were built in 8GB flash memory, new configuration of the UMD slot -where The games will be inserted directly into the system- and a camera. The PSP 2 will be much smaller then the original. There has been no word about there being a second analog stick.) and what won't.

How come I feel like I've opened Pandora's box after writing this article?"

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Warning Over Late Print PSP Games

- Hey, how's it going? I've been playing a copy of GTA:LCS for PSP recently using DevHook v0.45 to emulate the v2.00 PSP firmware that the game requires.
- The disc I was using was purchased at launch by my brother who didn't mind updating his firmware. I wanted to stick to v1.50 so couldn't play until DevHook turned up.
- Anyway, I went I purchased my own copy of GTA a couple of days ago at Best Buy here in CA.
- When I tried to run it, this copy wanted me to update to v2.60. Luckily for me, DevHook v0.46 now emulates firmwares upto v2.71, so I was saved.
- My point is, be careful when buying UMDs. Sony obviously do update the games between prints and DevHook might not be around much longer.