Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Free Stuff For The Christmas Season

Free Xbox 360

- With stocks of 360's more rare than DoDos, this may be one of your last hopes of getting yourself one (or even upto 3 Xbox 360's) for free before the new year.
- Visit the Xbox 360 Conga page to see details on how to get them.

Free iPod Nano

- iPod's of all types have been selling out too. 1GB Shuffles will not be available until January now, and the Nanos could be going the same way.
- Same deal as the 360. Visit the iPod Nano Conga page for help on getting a free one.

Free Sony PSP

- Don't forget we also have a Free Sony PSP Conga page too! Stocks of these are almost as bad as the 360 in some areas! Try and get one for Christmas with our Conga.

Free iPod with Video

- With the iPod with Video Conga you have a choice of 30GB or 60GB models in black or white or a PayPal payment of $300! Useful for Christmas shopping since the payment is instant.
- Remember, these offers are completely cost free and risk free. That picture of the PSP above is mine that I earned doing this and now I am trying to help readers of this site do the same by not wasting potential referrals.
- Enjoy your free stuff. Thanks!

NeoFlash PSP Memory Card Adaptor

- NeoFlash Team have also announced a new product for using differnet media instead of just Sony's Memory Stick Pro Duo's.

"The Neo 2 in 1 Mini-converter for PSP is a perfect add-on to your PSP for user that require memory space Use multiple cheap memory source like CF card, Microdrive or Micro HD via this converter on your PSP!

Product specifications:
* Acts as a CF card, Microdrive and Micro HD converter all-in-one. You can use any type of card/drive just like you will use a standard Memory Stick!
* CF/MicroDrive/MicroHD/Memory Stick auto detect and auto run: Plug and play! - Support up to 4GB memory size on PSP. * Built-in PSP Ready/Busy/NULL, 3 states status indication. - The 2in1 Mini-converter can exchange data between PC and PSP through any standard PSP USB cable. It supports direct CF/MicroDrive/MicroHD/MS formatting on PSP.

Operating instructions:
[1] plug the soft cable into your PSP;
[2] Plug one SD or Mini-SD or MMC or RS-MMC or CF or MicroDrive or Micro HD or Memory Stick to the corresponding slot; [3] Turn on PSP and play!"

- This goes alongside their previously announced product which was the 5-in-1 handgrip style media adaptor.
- Lik-Sang has more on both of these products, plus another in-between version. The links below are to the individual product pages, or read this comprehensive comparison guide which even takes Datel's HDD into account:

- Compact Flash Adapter (Neo2in1)
- Compact Flash/SD/MMC Adapter (Neo4in1)
- Neo5in1 Pad (CF/SD/MMC + AA Battery)

NeoFlash Coding Competitions

- NeoFlash Team have announced the details of thier next coding competitions. Here are the PSP division details (there is also a Nintendo DS division):

"NEO spring coding contest 2006 for PSP
* PSP APP division
There will be 10 winners for psp apps too. No restriction of coding except to add the "NEO spring coding contest 2006 for PSP" splash screen in your app.

The top 10 prize for PSP contest are:
The No.1 : MicroSoft X-BOX 360 deluxe version whole set
The No.2 & No.3 : Neo-PSP 4in1 mini convertor + 4GB HD whole set OR Neo-MAX 16Gb whole set (winner can choose)
The No.4 ~ No.10 : Neo-PSP 4in1 mini convertor whole set OR Neo-MAX 1Gb whole set (winner can choose)

NEO spring coding contest 2006 close time : 20th.Feb 2006
Winner prize send out time : 30th.Feb 2006"

The Monkey Board

- Genius. (Posted by PSP Updates.)

"The Piposaru Academia 2 official website has updated with a theme board - "The Saru Board" (Saru = monkey). The purpose of this board is to split the screen of the PSP when 2 players are playing a game that requires screen splitting.
How to use:
* Download the saru board
* Print 2 copies and stick them back to back
* Cut the blank part with scissors and fold it to the final shape"

Know Your PSP Firmware Version Before You Buy

- PSP Updates updated their post on identifying the firmware version of a PSP from the barcode on the box.
- Basically there is a single letter in the top right of the barcode area, which matches up to the following firmware version:

"No Letter = 1.50 (North-American release) Confirmed
A = 1.50 Confirmed
B = 1.51 Confirmed
C = 1.52 Confirmed
D = 2.00 Unconfirmed
E = 2.00 Unconfirmed (Most likely 1.52)
F = 2.00 Confirmed
G = 2.01 Confirmed"

GTA Cheat Device v0.5a

- Edison Carter has gone crazy with some of the new features in his Cheat Device, (Video Recorder! Record what you do in game to an animated GIF on the Memory Stick!) but here is a list of all the features for those that have missed it up until now:

Infinite health and armor
Edit wanted level
Edit time
Edit weather + Snow
Spawn anything
Display coordinates and speed
Step through walls
Power jump
Activate spawn cheats with one button
Edit car colors
Never fall off your motorcycle
Firmware 2.6 support
Your car is indestructible, always steaming, smoking, or on fire
No reload
Video recorder
Change CPU speed to 333MHz (fw 2.0-2.5 only)
Battery percent, voltage and temp (fw 2.0-2.5 only)
Heavy motorcycle
Turn while power jumping
Frames per second meter added to coordinates display"

Madden 2006 UMD Replacements

- EA have finally stepped up to announce a replacement program for those of you with copies of Madden 06 that crashes your PSP. This post on thier forum has the details on where to send your buggy copy to get a shiney free new one.

Coding Competition

- On Christmas vacation with nothing to do? Don't forget PSP News and Lik Sang are having a Coding Competition until 1th January.
- The prize is a Datel 4gb Hard Drive and X2 Battery, so get cracking.

TV Adaptor Reviews

- Lik-Sang take a look at the PSP2TV and come away fairly impressed, but confused as to the whole point of the product really. The install seems a little dangerous for the average person, but the image is pretty good.
- IGN look at the Blaze TV Adaptor giving it a fairly average score, though it sounds like the image is pretty crappy. This one wins for not having to bust open the PSP though.

Friday, December 02, 2005

WipeOut Pure USA Delta Pack 2

- Delta Pack 2 for the USA version of WipeOut Pure is now available from the official website.
- From Sony:

"Completing the Delta League are the final two tracks enclosed within the Hub complex; Koltiwa and Kara Descent, at 5k and 4.5k respectively. The official skins from the militaristic Triakis operation and the legendary AG Systems team are also contained in this download."

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Homebrew WiFi Library

- Homebrew coder Liquid8d has been working on a WiFi client / server library for the PSP.
- This is a work in progress, but he has released an alpha version of PSPLink.
- Grab it from his website.