Saturday, January 24, 2009

PS3 Firmware v2.60 Out Now

- PS3 Firmware v2.60 is out now. All 140MB of it!
- Photo Gallery application: A suite of tools for sorting through and displaying your digital photo collection. Digital pictures can be organized in groups according to various criteria, including the camera used to take the photos, the event date and time, colors in the photos, as well as the number, ages, or facial expressions of the people pictured.
- Guest access to PlayStation Store: This enables non-PlayStation Network members to browse through the storefront to check out the latest games, demos, videos, etc.
- DivX 3.11 support: Videos in this format can now be played on PS3.

PSP Firmware v5.03 Coming Soon

- From the PlayStation Blog:

"Hi, everyone, I wanted to give you a quick heads up that a new PSP firmware update, v5.03, will be released soon. This is a small update that improves system software stability during use of some features."

PSP-3000 "Hello World"

- It has been a long time coming, but it seems the PSP Brite has the beginnings of a hack emerging.
- MaTiAz on the forums has overwriten the player's name in a US version of GripShift's save file with "this is spartaaaaa..." with 57 a's tacked onto the end to get his demo running.
- It's said to work with PSP firmware versions 1.52 through the current 5.02.