Wednesday, August 31, 2005

PSP DosBox v0.60

- After Bochs comes PSP DosBox v0.60, a x86/DOS Emulator for PSP from Crazy C. Use it to play your old DOS games on the PSP, although at this point it is not exactly running lightning fast:

"This patch, when applied to dosbox 0.60 and linked with these library functions, arwin's p-sprint and SDL (with 8-bit surface patch), gets dosbox running on the psp. Later versions use an array too large to fit in the PSP memory for indexing memory pages while this version has high level emulation of dpmi. I've tested simcity 2000 and tie fighter and they run although very slowly, a lot of optimization will be need if this will be usable. Note that stat fails if the root of the memory stick is what is being checked therefore it cannot be mounted. Mounting ms0:/psp works fine though. Also there is currently no mouse or joystick support."

CaSTaway Atari ST Emulator

- skeezix has released an alpha version of his PSP port of the Atari ST emulator, CaSTaway.
- It is an early version, by his own admission:

Crappiest first alpha (for PSP). Don't expect much yet, except for updates to come quite quickly over the next little while.

Although the emu is missing any form of finesse, it does run pretty well -- for many or most games, it'll run full speed with no frameskip (which is good since I didn't implement frameskip yet ;) During 'heavy math' operations it'll run slower, so unpacking Dungeon Master takes a good minute or two probably... but running Xenon 2: Megablast and it'll run a little too fast until I add speed throttling.

- Go and get it.

UK Release Hours Away

- The PSP will finally be available in a few hours to UK buyers. Australia are also waking up to the world of PSP gaming this morning.
- Some notes to UK buyers though. The units ship with firmware v1.52 installed and firmware v2.0 on a UMD in the package. There is also a notice saying the demo disc MUST be used when you first use the unit. This is of course a lie and a way to get users to upgrade their firmware.
- Both versions of the firmware block homebrew use, but PSP-Files would recommend not upgrading (at least leaving you the option to upgrade later,) until a hack is known for either version. v1.52 seems more likely to have a workaround sooner than v2.0. This is of course only if you want access to homebrew code, otherwise v2.0 is a better bet since you get the web browser.
- PSP Updates have some pictures up of the UK stock and also have the following interesting note, (though I'm not sure what to make of it... it could be some sort of miscommunication.)

"Also, you have a network access code in the box for the UK PSP. This means, that even if you have bought UK games, you will need an access code to play them, So this might not work on USA and JAP PSPs. Without a hack that is. Consumers are directed to the website to register their access code and get a gamer tag. Yikes!!! (Website not yet live)"

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

PSPide C++ v1.0 Final

- Milhouse Dev-Group have put out PSPide C++ v1.0 Final.
- In case you didn't know, this is a programming environment for PSP coders allowing you to write code, compile it and transfer it to your PSP via KXploit.
- The download and install includes PSPSDK v1.0, KXploit and PSPide, which is everything you need to get coding.
- It also has English, Spanish and Catalan translations, but if you want to help the developers out, why not make some more INI language files. I'm sure they would appreciate it.

How To Run Multiple VMs From One Memory Stick

- Squidly1 has done a neat little job of running multiple copies of the Bochs port by Matan from a single Memory Stick.
- That means you can have a copy of Linux and Windows on the same memory stick, for example, and boot them both.
- Details of the Bochs port can be found on Matan's Site.
- Squidly1's hack is found on

Make Notes On v2.0 PSPs

- A simple idea this. RaiderX from the PSP Updates Forum has let us know that those stuck with v2.0 firmware that need to make notes on their PSP can use the bookmarks feature of the web browser.
- Just make a new bookmark then edit the title to say anything you want. There seems to be no limit on the length of a title, so go nuts and write all the memos or essays you want.
- Once back on a PC, just find your bookmarks on the Memory Stick and copy the title into a text editor/word processor to keep working on it.
- Do the reverse by creating and renaming a bookmark on a Memory Stick on a PC to view on a PSP later.

Donate For Firmware Downgrade

- PSP Updates is holding a donation drive for Yoshihiro of Team WAB.
- They are trying to pay for him to get a v1.52 European PSP at launch this week for him to test his Firmware Downgrade application, which won't be released until all bugs are ironed out. He doesn't want anyone to fry their PSP using this software.
- Yoshihiro has already got his app working in downgrading a v1.52 Japanese firmware to v1.50, so this is not an empty promise from an unknown.
- Yoshihiro has already contributed hugely to the PSP Hacking scene with the creation of a Sega Gamegear emulator (SMS), PSP Skin Changer, Pad Region Swapper and the PSP Version Changer and more.
- Head over there and donate, even if it is only a few pennies/cents.

SOCOM Beta Test

- Want to try out the new SOCOM game for PSP before anyone else? Try and get yourself on the beta test and you can be sneaking and shooting online very soon, to help the developers iron out bugs and test server load.
- Sign up for the PlayStation Underground and register your PSP. Be sure to fill out the other sections of your profile, including the fact that you have a router and the ability to get online. You must also be 18 to get on this beta.
- If that is done, you may receive an email about joining the beta. You cannot join without this.
- To sign up for the beta head to this link. You need to have firmware v2.0 on your PSP so that you have access to the PSP web browser. In a clever move, you have to register through this browser to qualify for the beta test, thus proving you have a PSP with the ability to get online. It may also be enough to tempt some people to upgrade their firmware away from homebrew-allowing versions.
- If you do not have firmware 2.0, you can still try and register using Firefox and a plugin. PSP Updates have some instructions on doing this.
- Others have reported using browsers in games such as WipeOut Pure to register on older version firmwares, but this cannot be confirmed right now.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

PSP Device Hook Launcher v0.10 - Launch ISOs Without UMD

- PS2NFO are reporting that Booster, creator of PSP Hook Boot Launcher, has released a new project titled PSP Device Hook Launcher v0.10
- This app allows you to directly launch PSP ISO files from a Memory Stick (on v1.00 and v1.50 PSPs) without needing a UMD in the drive
- They are also running a Device Hook compatibility thread in their forum, starting with the following:


Metal Gear Acid
Ridge Racers
NFL Street
Ape Academy
Fired Up Demo
Hot Shots
Dynasty Warriors USA
ATV Off Road
Dead To Rights
Intelligent License JAP
NFL Street
Star Soldier
Rengoku USA

Not Working:

NBA Street Showdown
Namco Museum Battle Collection USA
Bomberman Panic
Spiderman 2
World Tour Soccer
FIFA Soccer
Death Jr
Need For Speed Underground Rivals

Free PSP Proof

- Gratis/Freepay sent us our Free PSP yesterday so we added some pictures as proof on our Free PSP Conga Page.


- We are really pleased with the results of this. The PSP sent has firmware v1.50, perfect for homebrew coding, has zero dead pixels and took only one day to arrive via DHL!
- Why not earn yourself a free PSP the fast way by signing up to our conga line so each person that joins can get their referrals faster.
- Don't forget our Free XBOX 360 Conga Page too! Get the Premium $400 console pack for launch day in November.

Friday, August 26, 2005

WAB Version Changer v2 - Firmware Version Number Trick

- Yoshihiro from hacking group WAB has released Wab Version Changer v2.
- A nifty little app, it lets you set your PSP to report its firmware version number as something other than what it actually is. That means, games that require v1.52 could work on PSPs with v1.0 or v1.5.
- This app does not actually flash your firmware, or allow you to downgrade. It only works on v1.0 and v1.5 PSPs and makes them pretend to be another version of your choice.
- WAB says:

"This is described as the First Firmware Trick for Games that need Firmware 1.52 to run on your PSP and Cant Run UPDATER 1.52 or 2.0. The System thinks it's a PSP v1.52 ,v1.0 ,v2.0 even if its a v1.5 or 1.0."

Atari 2600 Emulator

- PS2NFO reports that an Atari 2600 emulator has been released for the PSP.
- Aenea is the author and has ported existing emulator, Stella, and called this release v0.1.
- It is easiest to let them speak for themselves:

"This is a port of the Stella Atari 2600 emulator to the PSP. Original code by Bradford W. Mott, Stephen Anthony, Jeff Miller, and many others. This PSP port was made by Alysa Habraken (aka Aenea). It's not very optimized and not all games run or at full speed, but runs at 333mhz at the moment. Some have a little flickering, but this will be resolved in upcoming versions."

Thursday, August 25, 2005

USA Firmware v2.0 Finally Released

- Yesterday Sony let firmware v2.0 out the door for USA users. You can get it from their official updates page along with instructions on how to flash your PSP.
- You should be aware that the upgrade will add a web browser to your PSP, but you will lose the ability t run any homebrew software... for now.

Monday, August 22, 2005

HandyPSP Atari Lynx Emulator

- PS2NFO brings word of HandyPSP v0.01 from EXCEED.
- HandyPSP is a port of Handy v0.90, an Atari Lynx emulator for Windows.
- Apparently this release runs quite well, but not quite 100% speed just yet.

US Firmware v2.0 Update

- Sony have updated their post announcing the release of the v2.0 firmware for users in the USA. It now reads:

The PSP Firmware 2.0 Upgrade for the North American market will be available during the week of August 22nd.
Message Edited by SCEA on 08-22-2005 03:05 PM

- So the wait continues... for those that don't want the JAP version, but don't mind losing homebrew capability!

Fast Loader v0.7

- PSP-Hacks have got their hands on Humma Kavula's Fast Loader v0.7 with some interesting new features.
- You no longer need to eject and re-insert the UMD, there is an integrated UMD to MS dumper and there is greater compatibility with ISOs.

Access UMD Over FTP

- PSPHacks has posted UMDFTP v1, an app from dbase on their forums.
- It was created from pspkrazy's PSPFTP source and will allow you access the UMD via FTP connection.
- dbase said this:

Not going to update this app, and I will be releasing a HTTPUMD soon. I feel like http will be better until a USBUMD app can be accomplished.

PSP Battery Hacking

- A strange post on PSP-Hacks shows images of a mod someone has performed on their PSP battery pack.
- They have opened up the device and fitted 3 AA batteries instead of the usual innards. Unfortunately all that exists in the post is a few photos, no tutorial or details.
- Comments on the post question the use of this mod since the amount of power produced by 3 AA batteries is thought to be less than the stock battery pack, which costs over $40 in the first place.
- Perhaps this would be useful if your battery pack was starting to lose its charge, but you will have to do the hard work yourself with this one currently.

PSP Hacking Videos

- PSP Hacking 101 have been releasing videos periodically on the basics of the PSP hacking scene.
- They have just released episode 3 which covers:

"We're at it again telling what you need to backup your games onto your memory stick and how to play that backup.

Pox shows his trials and tribulations of getting the x86 emulator, Bochs, up and running with Windows 95/98.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act
UMD Dump Alpha
Fast Loader

Bochs X86 Emulator - run windows or linux on your psp"

-Previous episodes have covered What to look for when buying a PSP, What you can do with a 1.5 firmware PSP, Emulators and Web Browser tricks.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Another JAP Gamma Pack

- A Japanese Magazine about Wipeout Pure titled "CONTINUE" has released a new add-on pack for the JAP audience.
- This isn't a great pack since there are no new tracks or vehicles, but completists can get the following benefits:

- 1 new "CONTINUE" special menu graphic
- 2 new "CONTINUE" special BGM by Akira Ishihara:

PSP Programming Tutorial

- Remember these PSP coding tutorials?

- Setting up the Development Environment. How to get the toolchain and PSPSDK up and running with CYGWIN on a windows machine. The complete newbie's guide.
- Creating Your First Program. A walkthrough of the setup, creation and execution of a simple "Hello World" application on the Sony PSP.

- Well now there is another to add:

- A Programming Primer. Techniques to create your own programs. A crash course in the basics of C programming for the PSP.

- I'd like to thank Yeldarb for putting the effort into writing these for the whole homebrew community.

Cel Shading Demo

- McZonk on the PSP Updates Forum has been coding himself a Cel Shading Demo.
- He says he has added texture and md2 model support and has exported objects from 3ds Max to test.
- A video of it in action is available from this link.
- Source code may be available soon.

Earn Free Consoles - Updated

- Gratis has changed over to FreePay and our Congas have been updated accordingly.
- Also, after Microsoft announced the launch price point for the Xbox 360 yesterday, FreePay confirmed that the prize they are offering is the more expensive $400 pack with all the bonuses including the Hard Drive and Wireless Controller.
- We also opened up a second conga for the Core Pack ($300 version of the Xbox 360) for those who want to earn their free 360 faster.
- Click this link to earn a Free Sony PSP.
- Click this link to earn a Free Xbox 360 for launch day.
- UPDATE: Those pages have now been uploaded. There was a problem with the FTP connection before, sorry about that!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Yet Another UMD ISO Shrinker v0.3

- kenobi, author of "Yet Another UMD ISO Shrinker" has now put out v0.3.
- Reports on earlier versions said this program was not producing working ISOs, so lets hope this one is more productive.
- Updates include a Shrink button, a File Editor tab and various fixes.

MS To MS Pro Duo Adaptor

- PSP-Hardware have created Memory Stick to Memory Stick Pro Duo adaptors so you can use any spare Memory Sticks you have lying around with your PSP.
- It also means people can go out and buy themselves some larger capacity cards since vanilla MS's currently go up to 4GB in size.
- Unfortunately the site is out of stock right now after overwhelming demand, but more will be available soon, priced $25.
- In related news, SanDisk will be releasing a 2GB Gaming Pro Duo on September 1st.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

PSP Firmware Downgrade Software

- PS2NFO have posted a juicy rumor regarding the development of a utility called "Firmbrew Xtra."
- The author wishes to remain anonymous for now, but apparently they have developed a means of flashing the PSP via USB to downgrade to firmware v1.50.
- We'll just have to wait and see on this one, but it would be fantastic news if its true.

DevKit Pro Updater

- Great news today comes from They have released devkitPro Updater 1.04, a program that will download and update toolchains for those of you into homebrew coding.
- This is useful for anyone out there getting into PSP homebrew coding, or indeed Nintendo DS, GameCube, GameBoy Advance or GamePark 32.
- I can't wait to give it a shot to see if it checks my current install for updates.
- They say the following about it:

"The devkitPro windows installer has been released. This application will allow you to selectively download and install components of the devkitPro toolchains and later update them as required. The installer/updater even checks for updated versions of itself and will download and run the new installer. It doesn't get much easier than this."

Nintendo DS Price Drop

- Slightly off topic, but Nintendo has announced a $20 price drop on the Nintendo DS in the US. From Sunday August 21st you can get your *other* portable system for $130.
- Nintendogs, the puppy simulator, (kind of like those Tamagotchis from years ago,) will be out the next day.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Where Is Firmware 2.0?

- So it is August 15th, almost 6pm, the second deadline for the US release of firmware 2.0 from Sony and there is still no sign of it.
- It should appear at this Sony PlayStation page, but there is nothing yet...

Guide To Getting Windows 95 On PSP

- PSP Updates has a new post on its forum, titled Win95: The most simplified guide you can get. Within, you will find a guide to getting Windows 95 running on your PSP, writted by Stingerwolf.
- He opens with the following statement:

Things you must have before starting this guide!
+A 256 MB memory stick or larger.
+A CD-ROM copy of Windows 95.
+Free time.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Earn A Free XBox 360 For Launch Day

- The Gratis Network is a now famous chain of websites that offer free gifts when you sign up for offers listed on their website, then get other people to do the same.
- They have been proven by hundreds of users to send out all the products they offer and have now added the XBox 360 to their list.
- Since preorders have dried up in many places already, this may be one of the few ways left to get yourself a 360 on launch day.
- PSP-Files have set up an XBox 360 Conga Line to help people earn their 360 quicker.
- And don't forget our sucessful PSP Conga Line too!

Windows 95 And Linux On PSP

- A coder by the name of Matan has released a Bochs PSP x86 Emulator. Using this both Windows 95 and Linux can be run on your PSP!
- It should be obvious, but this is not going to be running fast. Reports are that Win95 takes about 10 minutes to boot up.
- There is also no keyboard support and the mouse is tricky to move, but it is possible to run games and applications. DOS games, of which there are many now available for free, may have some better performance.
- Bochs is a sourceforge project to emulate the x86 architecture on many platforms. It should be capable of running most Operating Systems, including Linux, DOS and Windows 95/98/NT/2000. Hey, maybe even the new x86 Mac OSX if someone is feeling brave.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Lua Programming Tutorial

- have posted the start of a tutorial on programming Lua for you to run on the PSP.
- Lua is a scripted programming language, with an interpreter ported to the PSP by Shine. v0.7 happened to be released this week too, so this is a great excuse to try it out.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Firmware v2.0 Delay In USA

- Sony have announced a small delay in delivering the v2.0 firmware upgrade to the US market.

"The PSP Firmware 2.0 Upgrade for the North American market will be available during the week of August 15th, instead of on August 12, as previously reported."

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Homebrew PSP PDA Software

- PSPSchedule 0.1 comes from Michael Quinn who says the following about it:

PSPSchedule allows you to have basic PDA capabilities by allowing you to keep track of your schedule and (in the next version) giving you an address book. This is also the first homebrew program to make use of Arwin van Arum's P-Sprint text entry system.

- Hopefully added functionality will be added soon. I'm just glad to see coders making use of each other's hard work to help speed up development of software for everyone to use.

WipeOut Pure Content Downloads From Coca-Cola

- PSP Updates have translated news from Enpitsu's PSPblog about the release of downloadable content for WipeOut Pure from Coca-Cola.
- Downloads are being made available from, starting with the first package: "Original Menu Graphic" which contains a menu wallpaper.
- First you have to get a password from, enter the download function of the game on PSP then enter the password to get the package.
- Here is a list of other upcoming updates, some of which may actually be worth getting:

Aug. 11th: Original Menu Graphic 1

Aug. 18th: Original Menu Graphic 2

Aug. 25th: Original Menu Graphic 3 Special Course 1

Sept. 29th: Original Craft 1 Original Sound Effect Set Original Menu Graphic 4 Special Course 2

Oct. 27th Original Craft 2 Original Menu Graphic 5

RipKit For Ridge Racer

- The_Net_Warrior has released a RipKit for Ridge Racer, both US and JAP versions.
- This one reduces the size from 591MB to 134MB by removing the movies and background music, but sound effects are still there.

Fastloader v0.6b

- Humma Kavula's PSP Fastloader has been updated to v0.6b and now has support for v1.0 PSP's.
- Some other updates were made in a previous release, v.06a:

* Cleanup, new gfx
* Clockspeed can be changed (222/111, 266/133, 333/166)
* Minor changes

Monday, August 08, 2005

More RipKits

- Various RipKits have been released today. The first two come from Zabbyh, the rest from gotxp. I'll list the games and their reduced sizes for your viewing pleasure:

- Spiderman 2 - 417MB.
- FIFA - 411MB.
- Metal Gear ACiD - 100MB.
- Vampire Chronicle The_Chaos Tower - 380MB.
- Mercury - 117MB.
- Wipeout Pure - 164MB.

Note that most are missing various movie or music files in order to shrink them.

Sony Sues

- Since everyone else is reporting it, I may as well join in., online video game store, is being sued by Sony Europe for selling import PSPs in the region. The problem is, Lik-Sang is a Hong Kong based company and the law appears to be firmly on their side.
- What's the problem Sony? Just release the UK version of the PSP and there would be no need to protect the "hype and anticipation" (the excuse they used to successfully stop a UK retailer selling imports recently,) for the EU release anymore. Its been long enough after all! You are about to release a white version in Japan for f*** sake!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Fast Loader V0.5d Boots Even Rockman Dash

- PSP-Hacks have reported the release of Fast Loader V0.5d from Humma Kavula.
- Support has been added for firmware v1.0 and some bug fixes have been implemented.
- The big news though is that Rockman Dash (JAP) which usually requires firmware v1.52 to run can now be booted. Excellent work Humma!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Connecting PSP To Xbox 360

- A user on the PSP Vault Forum has posted screenshots of what is supposed to be the Xbox 360 dashboard opening files from a PSP connected via USB.
- This is not major news since Microsft had already announced that USB devices could be connected to the console. The 360 isn't really connecting to the PSP as much as it is connecting to a Memory Stick Pro Duo reader.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Tool Updates

- PS2NFO made a slight update to their PSP ISO Ripping Tutorial to help you manually shrink your PSP ISOs to save space on a Memory Stick.
- To make things easier though, YAUIS: Yet Another UMD iSO Shrinker v0.2 (BETA) is out there, seemingly an update to MikeG's work on a more general ISO shrinking program. There are no major updates apart from some bug fixes.
- On a related topic, Hook Boot v0.94 has come out with the main enhancement being support for ISO9660 file system emulation (alpha.)
- Also, i15 has put PSPins - PSP Install System v1.0 (r2) up on PS2NFO. PSPins is program that launches script files that install or uninstall (copy/delete) a game to/from a PSP's Memory Stick. It has some nice features, including support for games in ISO, RAR and ZIP formats.

Possible Progress On v2.0 Hacking

- realritzcracker has emailed PSPUpdates with an EBOOT file that apparently gets past the "Corrupt Data" message you get from trying to run homebrew code on a v2.0 firmware PSP. It does not fully run, but at least it is not being flagged as corrupt.
- From the broken English in the ReadMe, it seems to work like this:

- The EBOOT will only work on v2.0 PSPs.
- This firmware will read from a folder called UPDATE and not complain about its contents.
- Any other file is currently reported as corrupt.
- The update has to be set to a version higher that the current firmware version, (i.e. v2.1 which is higher that v2.0.)
- You PSP is not actually being updated.

- While this is interesting news, I hope this is not leading down a dead end where a PSP is trying to update itself with a file that is not a firmware.
- Hopefully though, this is useful for opening up some kind of exploit, such as running memory out of bounds so we can run out own commands or something similar.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

PSP Coding Tutorials

- PSPUpdates has posted two tutorials on how to get started coding for the Sony PSP. They were written by user Yeldarb and can be found at the following links:
- Lesson 01 - Setting up the Development Environment
- Lesson 02 - Creating Your First Program

Firmware Update Required By Rockman Dash

- PS2NFO reports that, according to ripping group DMU, Rockman Dash: Hagane no Boukenshin, (obviously a JAP title,) is the first PSP game that requires firmware v1.52 to start up.
- Even if you are trying to use Hook Boot or Fastloader it will freeze at the loading screen.
- This was always coming. I'm sure v2.0 will be required soon since the US release is imminent.

PSP RipKits

- Enterprising PSP fan MikeG has been working on ways to shrink PSP ISOs to save space on Memory Sticks everywhere.
- First he released some PSP RipKits to use with Fastloader v0.5. Right now they are available for the US versions of ATV Offroad Fury and Need For Speed Underground Rivals. What RipKits do is remove unnecessary files from an ISO, saving space on your Memory Stick (e.g. NFS goes from 864MB to 259MB).
- You can remove these unnecessary files manually, (there is a tutorial on the PS2NFO forum,) but the RipKits are much easier to use and do all the hard work for you.
- MikeG later went on release UMD ISO Shrinker v1.0. This is a single app that works similarly to the RipKits, but can be used on ATV, NFS, Tiger Woods, Twisted Metal, and Untold Legends ISOs.

Monday, August 01, 2005

PSP Hardware Guide And Custom Music In WipeOut

- PSPUpdates have two nice posts up. First is a guide someone sent them to hack in custom soundtracks to WipeOut Pure. The guide is on their forum, posted by GoatSucker.
- This game is great. Good racer to begin with, then you get loads of free content, you can hack it to use as a web browser and now add your own music!
- Anyway, the second post is about some guys that took apart a PSP and meticulously catalogued every single piece in there.

Firmware 2.0 News For Those Outside Japan

- It should be obvious, but Sony have confirmed a few days ago that European PSPs will come shipped with firmware v2.0 as standard, so they are out of luck for homebrew right now.
- Today though, Sony announced that the USA release will be August 12th, (Friday next week.) They mention that having the JAP version of 2.0 on your USA PSP is voiding your warranty, so you should make the switch when it is released.
- This page should be hosting the PSP firmware upgrade on release.

PSAR Dumper v0.1

- PspPet, member of the PS2Dev forum has created a PSAR file extractor.
- PSAR files contain the system files of the PSP, or the Operating System if you will.
- PSAR Dumper will also decrypt PRX files extracted from a PSAR file, except for the v2.0 firmware where Sony have change things around...
- Only good for hackers looking for new exploits, so don't go trashing your PSP now will you?

New WipeOut Pure Addon For USA

- "Classic Pack 1" has been put up on the official WipeOut Pure website.
-This addon pack is for the US version of the game and contains the following:

– Altima VII track
– Goteki ship & Goteki Skin
– 2 classic cold storage music tracks from previous wipeouts

First ISO Launcher Released

- PS2NFO reports that "PSP Fastloader v0.5", the worlds first full PSP ISO Launcher was released by Humma Kavula.
- It allows you to launch most, but not all, PSP UMD Images (ISO files) from your Memory Stick.
- They are also compiling a compatibility list on their forum.