Sunday, August 31, 2008

PSP-3000 Officially Announced

- The PSP-3000 model has been officially announced [1] [2] and will be coming to the US this Autumn [3].
- The new version includes a PS-button, (replacing the Home button to bring the PSP more in-line with the PS3,) and built in microphone, (older models can buy an external accessory.) [4]
- There is also a new LCD screen which is twice as fast and much brighter. [5] [6] [7]
- As such, some websites are dubbing this the "PSP Brite". [8]
- However, a better screen means more battery power drained. Sony are expected to resurrect the extended life battery. [9]

Monday, August 25, 2008


- Engadget noticed that the FCC has a posting for a 3001 model PSP, but there is no news on any new features yet.

Touchscreen PSP Mod

Sunday, August 10, 2008

PSP News Updates

- Time to catch up on a bunch of PSP news!
- Firmware v4.05 was released. New features were added including visualizations and a video store!
- There is a new Entertainment Pack bundle for those of you still looking to buy a PSP.
- Sony are so proud of their XMB interface, of PSP and PS3 fame, they have decided to port it to their Vaio Laptops.
- There may be a new model of the PSP coming. The 3000 model may add a microphone and PS button. Here is another version of the story.
- Someone got bored of waiting for Sony to get themselves together and release a PSP phone, so he went ahead and built his own.
- Another modder went ahead and added some features to the PSP that he thought should be there from the beginning. Changes include a touchscreen for his PSP.
- Finally, Sony have stopped making the extended life battery.