Friday, September 30, 2005

Analysts Keep Speculating on HDD PSP

- It seems another technology analyst has predicted a new version of the PSP to be released sometime next year with a Hard Disk Drive built in.
- The reasons for doing so are said to be:
- A stop-gap before the PS3 release,
- To compete with media players like the iPod, (or even better, Archos media players,)
- In case Nintendo release their new GameBoy.
- They sound like good, solid reasons, but is it true?
- In other, semi-relevant news: Sony announced yet another Memory Stick format, the Memory Stick Micro M2.
- Out sometime in the first half of 2006, they are 15 x 12.5 x 1.2mm compared to a Pro Duo's fatty 20 x 31 x 1.6mm.

NYC Subway Map - That You Shouldn't Download

- This blog has a link to a PSP formatted NYC subway map image... that you should not download and use to help you get around for legal reasons.
- Similar images have been made for the iPod before on, but, as a recent post points out, the MTA wants a $500 license fee paid to allow hosting of those images for free download. That means you should not expect the PSP version to last long.

New Firmware v2.01 On The Way

- It looks like Sony are preparing their next update for the PSP.

""[Running homebrew] is not...what the device was designed for," said Patrick Seybold, a spokesman for Sony Computer Entertainment America. "We plan to deal with this issue with the next system update." He declined to say when that update would be ready."

- And don't expect any grand new features like the web browser in v2.0 either.
- Also interesting was the following quote. How the hell would they know?

"Running unauthorized software will void the warranty."

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Commodore 64 Emulator

- A new release today from urchin; a Commodore 64 Emulator for PSP titled c64PSP v0.1.
- It is a port of the Frodo C64 Emulator, but right now it is just an early release. It displays video and plays sound, but control is limited joystick 2 and disk loading is not implemented.
- Some good news however is that pressing "Start" will load the file "snapshot.fss" from the c64PSP directory so replace that file with a snapshot saved from a desktop version of Frodo to play a game from where you left off!
- PS2NFO had the news.

Cheap 2GB MS Pro Duo

- have SanDisk 2GB Memory Stick Pro Duo Gaming Cards available for $136.99 + $7.86 shipping = $144.85
- This is the cheapest price I have found for a 2GB MS Pro Duo, especially since J&R just raised their prices.
- The status says to call them, so I did. They said the would be in stock mid-October and that ordering now secures the price.
- Other shipping rates are available but this is 3-7 day UPS Ground, the cheapest they had.
- Good luck all!

How To Downgrade v2.0 To v1.5

- It has finally happened and a tutorial is up already. Head on over to Hack-A-Day's "HOW-TO: PSP 2.0 to 1.5 downgrade."
- It is possible to upgrade and downgrade your system as much as you want. Just do it right. Don't go bricking your PSP!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Skip Firmware Update With UMD Swap

- Emmanuelle pspmexico has come across a method to play games that require a firmware update without doing the update.
- It is confirmed as working and can be performed like this:

You need:
* A PSP with 1.0 or 1.50 firmware which you donĂ‚’t want to be updated.
* A game does not require system update to play. (Disc A)
* The game you want to play but requires a system update. (Disc B)

In the XMB interface, put Disc A into the PSP, then start the game. While in the white screen, swap Disc A with Disc B. Then the game will continue to load.

PDF Reader v0.2

- Someone was looking for a PDF viewer for PSP a while ago and was given a file which allowed him to do just that. As long as the file was named "a.pdf" the PDF would load with the program and open. The sources were also provided.
- Now, da5id has modified the code to include the following functions:

- File browser
- Zooming support
- Remapped buttons, triggers to page up/down, circle/cross to zoom, triangle/square to page up/down 10 pages
- Use Dpad or analog stick for movement

- The source is also released for this version, so does anyone else fancy adding some more features?

More Coke WipeOut Content

- Another Coca-Cola themed add-on pack for the Japanese version of WipeOut Pure is out in the wild.
- Start WipeOut Pure, enter the download section and enter the password [] X O /\ (Square, X, Circle, Triangle).
- For your efforts you get "Original Menu Graphic 3" and "Special Course 1".

Firmware v2.0 Dumper

- Fancy dumping a copy of your v2.0 firmware? Well, some clever old soul has gone and coded something that does just that.
- It works with the known exploit. Go here to download it.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Firmware v2.0 Exploit Found

- First some older news:
- An exploit has been found in Sony's PSP firmware v2.0. They use the "libtiff" code for the Image Viewer which has a known bug that allows a small peice of binary code to be executed from an image file.
- It seems all you have to do is have the specially formatted image on your Memory Stick and open it in the Image Viewer. Right now, all that happens is the screen is filled with blue since this is really just a proof of concept. Even so, this is still the first homebrew code running on a v2.0 PSP and is a sign of things to come.
- And now some newer developments:
- The same people who found the v2.0 buffer overflow exploit have developed a way to execute a binary file from the Memory Stick root directory.
- "Binary Loader v0.2 For PSP 2.0" is the name and it will load binary files up to 64k, which means it won't load homebrew ELF files yet.
- Two other bits of code have turned up: "Hello World v1 For PSP v2.0" by groepaz and a "Scrolling Starfield Demo For 2.0 PSP".

Metal Gear Acid To Be Budget Title

- Konami announced at the Tokyo Game Show that they will re-release Metal Gear Acid for PSP under the "Best of Konami" range.
- It will be coming out on November 17th, about three weeks before Metal Gear Acid 2 ships on December 8th.
- The re-release will be priced at 2,100 Yen ($19 USD)

PSP2TV Out In A Month

- Team Xtender have released some more details about the soon-to-be-released PSP2TV device.
- It will be completely solderless, will come with a PSP faceplate, works on ALL televisions (not just HDTVs etc.), allows the user to switch from 16:9 to 4:3 and has S-Video out.
- The tentative date of shipment is between October 20th to October 30th.
- The launch "VALUE BUNDLE" will contain the following items:

1 X PSP2TV docking Station
1 X Deluxe AV + S-Video Cable
1 X Silver Face Plate
1 X Crystal Blue Face Plate
1 X PSP2TV complete installation kit

Thursday, September 22, 2005

PSPRadio - Stream MP3s Over The Internet

- A guy named Raf has been working on a few PSP projects, the most promising of which seems to be PSPRadio.
- A work in progress version has just been released which lets you listen to MP3s on your Memory Stick and listen to MP3 streams over the Internet.

Some Homebrew Being Published?

- According to PSP-Hacks, some PSP homebrew coders are being approached to publish their work on real UMDs.
- We'll have to wait and see if these rumors turn out to be true, but this is not unheard of.
- A few projects in the GameBoy Advance scene eventually got published. Remember those GBA Video carts? The codec was a homebrew project.


- is the place to head to for a new piece of software for PSP homebrew coders and ISO rippers, PSP UMDGEN v1.00.
- From the website:

"Welcome to UMDGEN.COM- Create PSP "Universal Media Disc" compliant iSO images. If you head over to the UTiLiTiES page, you can grab the initial release- UMDGEN v1.00!

PSP UMDGEN currently supports importing FileList.txt files and exporting iML/iMS files. Future updates will likely include features such as File Relinking (ie: you can drop an entire game into the window, relink Pad0 to Pad1, and it will immediately show the smaller total size) and also the ability to Save/Load Projects along with support for 'hidden' files. $ony will likely start doing this in future PSP titles, so the ability to add files to the iSO that don't show up in the TOC may indeed prove useful at some point.

Finally we will review feedback on the UMDGEN Forum from users and resolve any open issues or fix any bugs reported, as well as consider upcoming version feature requests."

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Change Text On PSP Interface

- PSP Updates were emailed a tutorial on how to change the text on the PSP user interface in a non-destructive manner from Naoneo.
- Naoneo has been working on a way to flash this information to the PSP ROM, but this is a much safer way of doing it if you are interested.

Device Hook Launcher v0.22

- PSP-Hacks has posted news about another launcher release: Device Hook Launcher v0.22 from BOOSTER.
- This app works in conjunction with UMD Emulator v0.8, does not require a UMD to be in the drive, and has the following features:

* added open/close ISO file at each UMD access.
* supported suspend/resume.
* added ISO search directory "fatms0:/UMDEMULATOR/ISO"
* UMD EMULATOR 0.8 compatible.
* added "UMD Disc"” item and removed "“UMD MODE" menu.
* with bypass version check.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Off Topic: Nintendo Revolution Controller Unveiled * Update*

- *Update* My faith seems to be rewarded. After finding a webcast from the Tokyo Game Show Keynote Speech from Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, in which he reveals the controller to the world, I understand what the whole thing is about. If it is used as well as they hope, this will be an awesome controller.
- View the 50min stream of the recorded webcast here. If you want to skip all the stats at the begining, go to 28mins 45secs to see the controller stuff. It really is impressive. Just don't let us down now Nintendo!
- Quick notes: The console comes with the "Remote" and the "Analog Stick" controller parts as standard. Expansions will be made available to play older games (since Revolution will emulate all of Nintendo's back catalog from all consoles.) It was unclear whether you plug in older contorllers into this expansion, or if the expanisions are whole controllers themselves. *End Update*

- I know this is a PSP site, but I'm sure more than a few of you would be interested in the news that Nintendo have finally lifted the lid on the controller for the upcoming Revolution console.
- Gamespot have images hosted, the most interesting of which I think are these two:
- Clearly designed with left handers in mind.
- Making things a little more traditional.
- I'm fairly sure this is nothing like what people were expecting... so is it good? My first reaction is no, but there must be a good reason for it to have this design so I'll try and keep an open mind until I can try one out.
- It just seems odd that Nintendo say they are focused on gaming, but take inspiration from a TV remote.

Off Topic: Xbox 360 Dated

- Microsoft have given the following dates for the Xbox 360 release: USA 22nd November, EU 2nd December and JAP 10th December.
- Want one for free? Join our conga lines and you could have two of them!
- Here is what FreePay, the most trusted company providing Free 360s, had to say:

"It's official, Xbox 360 will be hitting stores on November 22nd, less than 2 months from now. Some folks will be saving their dollars for the big day, but with FreePay you don't have to - it's not too late to pre-order yours on our website and get one totally FREE. What's more, you'll get the full Premium Edition with wireless controller, detachable hard drive and headset all part of the package. It's not too late to sign up at FreePay Xbox 360s and be ready for November 22nd!"

- Join the Conga and Earn a Free Xbox 360.
- Don't forget you can also earn a Free iPod Nano and a Free PSP.
- You can sign up for all the lines we offer, you are not limited to choosing just one, so go crazy and earn them all!

PSP2TV - Display PSP Image On A TV And Use PS2 Controller

- Team Xtender, well know XBox scene hardware hackers, are close to finishing their latest product, PSP2TV.

"This easy to use product feature a docking station for the SONY PSP so that its image can be displayed on a TV (plasma, LCD and HDTV). It also allow you to use your Sony PS2 dual shock controller on your PSP!!!"

- A picture speaks a thousand words. More available on their website.

Metal Gear Acid 2 "Solid Eye" Revealed

- PSP Updates has an image of the device to be bundled with the upcoming Metal Gear Acid 2 game.
- As suspected, the device straps around the PSP which you use as a pair of binoculars.
- The image on screen is split in two, with both halves presented to each eye being slightly offset, causing what you see to appear 3D.

PSP Emulator Halted

- More news of project stoppages hits us, but this one should not be much of a surprise.
- News was spreading of an upcoming PSP emulator which could be ported across various platforms, including Windows and XBox. did not report on this until more evidence could be provided, especially when it seemed the author was a school child.
- Regardless, word from the "author", Matt Fazzer, is that the project has stopped due to a cease and desist letter:

"hello guys, I'm having serious trouble with my host. I have also received an important email, threatening court action for the production of my playstation portable emulator. I therefore, cannot continue my work with PSPemu I am very sorry for all the inconvenience this may have caused the PSP community. I would just hate to get into serious trouble. Thanks alot to all the people who were there for me throughout the project, and thanks to all the people on the psp-hacks forums for supporting me and participating in the logo competition.

mattfazzer will be re-opening in October, offering news,reviews,previews and ISO release lists. I will also be working on brand new JavaScript apps on top of various legal homebrew applications. Once again i am very sorry for the sudden end to this
project...and I also apologize to Sony.

People are welcome to contact me using the following:

Thanks Again

- I'm not sure putting your email and MSN address out like that was such a good idea...

PSP-DEV And WAB Split - No Downgrader

- According to PSP-DEV, their relationship with WAB has dissolved and the downgrader project has halted.

"We want to announce that the colaboration between the two groups has been completly finished without success. We also want to announce that WAB has been disolved. The relatioship between the two groups were vanishing days ago (some of our members were banned from their server) and there is no progress with the colaboration.
In addition, the downgrader project (never finished) is immediatelly cancelled (it is not an excuse, we can’t explain our reasons, but are enough to do this)."

- I can't help but question whether the project was ever real, but this is sad news none the less.
- At the time of posting, WAB's website was also down.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Metal Gear Acid 2 Includes 3D Peripheral?

- Gamespot recently posted news that the sequel to the PSP card-battle game, Metal Gear Acid, will employ the "Solid Eye" visual add-on.
- The news comes from Famitsu, the well respected Asian game magazine.

"By attaching the peripheral--which looks like a set of binoculars that matches the PSP's body color--gamers will be able to see portions of Metal Gear Acid 2 in 3D. The attachment will be bundled with Metal Gear Acid 2."

- So does that mean you wear it, or it straps around the PSP itself? Intriguing.
- Metal Gear Acid 2 will also have a WiFi multiplayer strategic battling mode.
- The title should be released in the US on November 15th, then Japan on December 8th.

Movie/Game Hybrid UMD

- Did anyone see the movie Stealth? No? Unsurprising since it looked like a pile of poo and rightly bombed at the box office.
- So how will Sony try and get the UMD version to sell? Package it with a custom version of like Wipeout Pure, that's how!
- Wipeout Pure: Stealth Edition includes the first three levels of Wipeout Pure and a new "Stealth" track featuring the AI Jet from the movie.
- The game is a bonus feature on the movie UMD which will also include the v2.0 firmware upgrade.
- While most UMDs cost around $20 or less, this hybrid will retail for $39.95. Ouch. Die hard Wipeout fans only please.

2GB Memory Stick Prices

- In the market for a new Memory Stick (like me)? Check out these two preorder links:
- - SANDISK 2GB Gaming Memory Stick PRO duo - $149.88
- - Sony 2 GB High Speed Memory Stick PRO Duo - $157.99 Includes MS Pro Adaptor.

TALKMAN - Sony Speech Recognition Game With Microphone

- The TALKMAN, announced by Sony Computer Entertainment of Japan (SCEJ), will become the first (and I would have to guess, only) speech recognition device for the PSP.
- The TALKMAN will connect a microphone to the USB port of the PSP and come with software to translate four spoken languages; Japanese, Chinese, English and Korean.
- It is thought there will be a game involved, helping people learn a new language.
- More info will be known at the Tokyo Game Show tomorrow, with an expected release on November 17th. It unknown if it will be a worldwide release, but I would suspect not. Pricing is said to be 5,800 Yen (about $53US), including the USB microphone.

White PSP Released

- PSP Updates have images sent from a reader of their new Ceramic White PSP.
- Go and drool.

Text Reader Underclocks PSP, Extends Battery Life

- pppwww has released yet another text file reader for the PSP.
- What sets this one apart however is the fact that it runs the PSP's processor at only 1mhz, resulting in a huge saving in power requirements, letting your battery last longer.
- eBook fans may want to check this one out before their next flight/road trip.

PSP UMD Emulator v0.8

- Humma Kavula has done it again. After the success of PSP Fastloader comes PSP UMD Emulator v0.8.
- This app makes the PSP think an ISO is actually a UMD, so all releases should work.
- It seems to redirect the UMD drive to point to the Memory Stick slot since it also has the following feature: "possibility to redirect flash0: (kernel data) and flash1: (user config) to memory stick"
- Below are the steps to get it going, which should give you an idea of how it works:

"1) Once PSP UMD Emulator v0.8 is installed per the included instructions with your .ISO file in the \UMDEMULATOR\ISO directory of your MS, then launch it as you would any PSP homebrew application.

2) Select the PSP .ISO that you'd like to play from the list and then press X (with any UMD in the drive, if you have none in then add one after pressing X). The utility will then bring you back to the PSP's main Memory Stick menu screen.

3) Finally, move your cursor from "Memory Stick" up past "Game" until you reach the "UMD" selection and presto- your .iSO image is now emulated as an 'original' PSP UMD disc and is fully playable by pressing X to launch it!"

Piracy Protection

- Winning Eleven 9 Ubiquitous Evolution (JAP) is the first game to require the v2.0 firmware.
- Don't worry too much though since there is already a PPF Patch released by MUPS to allow the DMU ISO to work using PSP Device Hook Launcher v0.21
- Also, Codemasters (who have introduced new copy protection schemes on other platforms before) have used a new type of copy protection on thier new PSP title Colin McRae Rally 2005 Plus (EUR).
- MUPS, a release group, have looked into it and found that dumping to a larger Memory Stick than usual (a 2GB in this case,) will fix the problem. Just don't try and split the dump into sections.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

eBay Exploiters

- It annoys me to be searching eBay (for a 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo... damn Sony, lower the prices already!) and seeing people trying to sell the work of other people.
- It isn't even as good as that. They are just selling links to places to download emulators and making it sound like this is all official, (like Nintendo would really release Mario 3 for the PSP.)
- Then again, if you are stupid enough to pay for one of these auctions, you deserve to lose your money.
- Support developers, people. Buy your games.

AloneTrio Of WAB Arrested

- Strange goings on over at WAB. A few days ago it was reported AloneTrio was arrested in Paris and it was assumed this was for PSP hacking activities. It has now been revealed that AloneTrio was indeed arrested, but for a minor personal matter.
- The downgrader is still on the way and a new hi-res video has been released.
- Now behave AloneTrio! Be good!

3DChess For PSP

- mofig has sent his first version of a 3D chess game, aptly titled 3DChess, to PSP Updates.
- There is no AI as yet and no "rules" but its a nice start. And 3D homebrew is always impressive :)

PSP Magazine Launcher v0.1

- Do you enjoy reading the various PSP formatted magazines out there? Then this may be for you.
- dTMSr has created PSP Magazine Launcher v0.1. With this you open a magazine from a list on your Memory Stick and listen to a custom music playlist while you read.

GTA: Liberty City Stories - Website Now Live

- Visit the Official Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories website today.
- You can find screenshots, a trailer and some funny back story content including a message from Citizens Uunited Negating Technology.

PSPSet v0.6 - Customization Tool

- Team Emergency Exit have released PSPSet v0.5, a customization tool for the PSP.
- Using this tool you can change the PSP boot video, but be careful not to ruin your PSP since this does alter the Flash ROM.
- This version fixes a problem with the PSP's WiFi caused by switching the X and O buttons in previous releases.
- It also includes these functions:

* Backup and restore the original gameboot.pmf (boot video file)
* Change wallpaper
* Restore original wallpapers
* Fake the firmware version - similar to WAB’s version changer
* Swap X-O buttons
* Backup and Restore Settings

ZX Spectrum Emulator - PSPectrum

- PSPectrum v0.1 is a new ZX Spectrum emulator for the PSP, bought to us by HexDump.
- About 95% of 48K/128K games will run, but sound only works with 48K games at the moment.
- .Z80 and .SNA ROM images are supported right now.

Friday, September 09, 2005

New iPod Nano Conga

- We have started a new conga line for Apple's newly announced iPod Nano.

Free iPod Nano

- Join the Conga and Earn a Free iPod Nano.
- Don't forget you can also earn a Free XBOX 360 and a Free PSP.

Free iPod Nano

- You can sign up for all the lines we offer, you are not limited to choosing just one, so go crazy and earn them all!

This Weeks News Roundup

- So it turns out not much has happened recently anyway, so I'll just do a summary post to catch up.
- GOOD: PSPHacking101 released Episode IV: A New Host. They discuss video conversion and how to get internet access on PSP via a cell phone.
- BAD: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe vice president Phil Harrison, speaking at Game Developers Conference Europe, says the portable will see "premium content next year." The free downloads of Wipeout Pure were a test case and Sony will be moving to a pay-per-download model for extra content next year.
- GOOD: Yoshihiro from WAB released a new version faker, Wab Version Changer V2.5:

"Yoshihiro and WAB are proud to bring you The First Firmware Trickz for Gamez that need Firmware 1.52 to run on your PSP and Cant Run UPDATER 1.52 or 2.0 The System think it's a PSP v1.52 ,v1.0 ,v2.0 even if its a v1.5 or 1.0."

- BAD: Trying to run a firmware update on a PSP that has faked its version number using WAB's tool is dangerous. So don't do it, (change back to the version number that is really on your PSP first.)
- GOOD: A new sword skill for Tenchi No Mon is now available for download via your PSP. Get the password from the official site.
- GOOD: WipeOut Pure addon packs will be made available to PAL users on the following dates: September 1st (Gamma) & 16th (Delta) and October 3rd (Classic 1) & 16th (Classic 2). Also, an Omega pack, exclusive to PAL territories and not available in the US or Japan, will appear after that as the last pack, (apart from tie in packs, such as a PUMA one.) All of these downloads together will have doubled the size of the game.
- GOOD: Tetsuya Mizuguchi of Ubisoft will host an hour long chat session, open to the general public, giving Lumines fans a chance to ask the creator of the game their burning questions, (e.g. about the game, developing for a new console etc.) Time: 7th September 2005, 2pm GMT. Place: - channel: lumines, Irc Network: - Public Irc Channel: #lumines
- BAD: The chat is already over, but a log of what was said is here.
- GOOD: NeoFlash are working on NEO-MS - A flash card converter for PSP. To be released before Christmas this year it will support SD / MMC / CF cards allowing you to use them instead of Memory Stick Pro Duos.

Lack Of Updates

- Apologies, dear readers, that there have not been any updates for the past few days.
- Our host has been having some issues recently that prevented us from uploading anything, so we could not post any updates.
- There may still be some interruptions, but we can at least get something up for now.
- Thanks for visiting

Friday, September 02, 2005

Download WipeOut Pure Classic Pack 2

- USA users can now head on over to to pick up Wipeout Pure Classic Pack 2.
- This time, two tracks are included: Odessa Keys and Porta Kora.
- Two skins too: Tigron and Van Uber.