Wednesday, May 31, 2006

More Details On PSP Mod Chip

- Max Console have gotten hold of all the details concerning "Undiluted Platinum," the upcoming PlayStation Portable mod-chip.


- Ultra reliable and feature rich Actel ProASIC Plus FPGA
- Full Speed USB 1.1 ASIC onboard
- Branded 32MB NAND flash onboard (same flash as used in PSP)
- Stable and reliable flashing software freely available for download
- Installation verification using flashing software
- Ultra compact four layer PCB
- High quality Japanese connectors
- USB cable included
- FPC cable included, reducing installation effort and improving shock resistance
- Copper enamel wire included
- Open platform development system for software developers
- Installation has been optimized to fit entirely inside PSP
- All PSP hardware versions/regions supported
- User updatable flash
- Low power consumption
- Flash select via button press
- Ultra compact PCB has been designed to avoid signal bounce

Package contents:


Suggested Retail price: 75 Euro's/ 90 US$"

Sunday, May 28, 2006

GTA: Vice City Stories Due This October

- In case you missed it, Portable Gaming Revolution reprints Rockstar's latest press release.
- The big details? Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories will be out for the PSP on October 17th 2006 in the USA, 20th in Europe.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Undiluted Platinum: PSP Modchip

- MaxConsole got wind of a new PSP Modchip. New details soon.

"Undiluted Platinum: World's first PSP Modchip!
Here's a picture of U.P. (Undiluted Platinum), a flash replacement system for the PSP which allows the use of previous flash updates or custom flash builds. Installation has been optimized to fit entirely inside PSP, this opens up the possibility to run unsigned Homebrew code on the latest PSP systems. More info will be available next week."

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sony Turns 60

- May 7th 1946 was the day Sony started their plan to take over the world. Happy 60th Birthday Sony!

Locura Personal Media Server

- I expect it is easiest to let VillainousMind tell you about Locura, (PC software to work with your PSP,) himself:

* Browse your entire video collection! Download your videos wirelessly with a simple click.
* View your audio folders and create auto-updating streaming music feeds on the fly.
* Browse your dynamically resized pictures from your favorite hotspot or anywhere you can connect to the internet.
* Access all your media from a standard browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox (no PSP required!)
* Change the look of your media pages with built-in themes or create your own!
* If you have a background in HTML and Visual Basic, you can make more advanced page changes.
* And since the Locura Personal Media Server is simply a personal web server with PSP extensions, no homebrew is required! Just a browser.

- To quote Gizmodo:

The basic version of the Web server is free, but you are restricted from downloading video or listening to streaming audio, which is kind of a bummer. With that in mind, power users may want to investigate upgrading to the $30 single-user version which has no such restrictions. And if you’re in a family of media-hungry PSP users, the $50 family version will allow up to five connections. Oh, and locura means “madness” in Spanish, but we assume that the Web server does not actually cause that terrible affliction.

PSP Camera

- Joystiq spied the new PSP camera on their travels.
- No applications to demonstrate it, but go take a peek.

White PSP In Europe Tomorrow, Platinum Games Range In June

- During E3 Sony said that the Ceramic White PSP will finally be released in Europe tomorrow (Monday 15th May). Expect to pay £179.99 in the UK, (about €249).
- There will also be a range of Platinum game titles, including Everybody's Golf and ATV Off Road, available for £19.99, (€24.99,) in June.

Tour Sony's E3 Booth

- Go on a tour of Sony's E3 booth through pictures and the magic of the Internet. Engadget has it all ready for you.
- I like the "PSP's on a subway" setup.

Monday, May 08, 2006

E3: Sony Press Conference Video Stream

- In the last few minutes GameSpot have released their free (lo-res) stream of the entire Sony Press Conference.
- Coming soon is a downloadable version too. Signup to GameSpot Plus for hi-res versions.
- UPDATE: Download just released to watch at your leisure. Warning, it is a 2 hour presentation so the download may be large and the stream takes some time to watch, (I just got finished up and it was pretty cool!)

E3: Downloading Games

- Getting games onto your PSP from Sony's upcoming multiplayer online service and content store will be a reality by this Winter.
- You can use the shown prepay cards to pay for your purchases before downloading and saving a game image to a Memory Stick Pro Duo.
- One of the first games is the PSone favourite, Ridge Racer.

Sony Prepay Card

Download Ridge Racer to Sony PSP

- Images via Joystiq.