Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Modded PSP Slim

- JoblessPunk DESIGNS has created himself an infomercial detailing his modded PSP Slim.
- Features include a second control stick, flash memory replacing the UMD drive and a fully custom firmware.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

PSP Go Hacked

- From Joystiq:

"As you'd expect, as soon as the PSP Go hit the shelves the homebrew community came out in force, looking to see which of its fave hacks and exploits might have made the trip from the original PSP to its UMD-less brethren. And here we are, with two videos posted by YouTube member Freeplay offering us tantalizing proof that indeed, at least one has. Of course, the whole thing is pretty rudimentary, the result of exploiting a known bug in an existing PSP game (which this particular hacker is remaining tight-lipped about rather than see Sony patch the thing). Karl B., who hepped us to this one, provides a caveat: "It's user-mode only, meaning no flash modification, no piracy, no advanced custom themes, no plug-ins -- none of that." All the same, it does our inner geek a sliver of hope, doesn't it? Videos after the break."