Sunday, November 18, 2007

Amazon Black Friday/Thanksgiving Deals

- Amazon have setup pages for their Black Friday deals and some great gaming bargains are expected.
- Infact, they have announced the 40GB PS3 could be yours for $139 on Thursday November 22nd if it is the most popular choice in the "Customers Vote" promotion. Make sure you get there and vote!
- Amazon Black Friday Deals
- Amazon "Customers Vote" Deals

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Color PSPs - Spiderman Red and Simpsons Yellow

- After news of some pastel colored PSPs comes word of some movie tie-ins from Joystiq:

Sony recently announced two different types of red PSPs for Europe and Japan. Europe will receive the Spider-Man PSP, which features a red face with black buttons and back. It will also include Spider-Man 3 the game and the UMD movie. We're currently unaware of price or official release. There is also a similar Simpsons bundle planned, which will have a yellow PSP with Simpsons movie and game.

In Japan they will receive a deep red PSP model beginning December 13. The handheld will come in two versions. One will include a pouch, hand strap, 32MB memory stick and the other includes a Sig TV tuner, stand and 1GB memory stick. We are currently unaware of these units coming to the States.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sony Release PSP Firmware v3.72

- From Sony:

"An update to the PSP system software was made available on October 30, 2007. With this update, the system software is version 3.72. Features updated in system software update 3.72 include:
* Support for PLAYSTATION Network titles have been expanded."